About the Artist, in her own words...

"I entered the world of cake decorating as a fascinated 15-year-old observer on my first job at Princess Bakery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although the bakery changed owners, I stayed steady on the job, eventually working my way through college, baking buns, frying fritters, and dabbling in dough. 

After moving to Santa Barbara, California, I managed a small bakery, yet still only observing the intricacies of the artistic techniques involved in the transformation of a plain cake into a personalized memorable gift. Eventually, I took that pastry bag full of magical sculpting substance called “icing” and, with hands shaking almost uncontrollably, squeezed out my first border!  

When my husband and I adopted our four Korean children in 1987, I memorialized their birthdays with special cakes, the decoration dictated by their experiences and imagination. I then began decorating cakes for their friends, school activities and church events. A friend told a friend who told a friend… and here I am today, growing in my creativity, expertise, and artistic expression; loving every minute of it! How I enjoy making each occasion as special as the one celebrating it!  

Now I often hear comments such as 'It was so beautiful we didn’t want to cut it!' "

Love and Blessings,

- Barbara Cumming